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About Us


EMORE TRANSLATION is an integrated service company specializing in Multilingual Translation & Interpretation, Copywriting and Editing, Audio/Video Transcription and Subtitling, Graphic Design and Multilingual DTP and managing WeChat Public Accounts and Promotions. Established in early 2015, the company was founders are a native English speaker and a native Mandarin speaker who each have over ten years of professional translation and writing experience. Following their original vision, the co-founders are committed to providing both Chinese and non-Chinese clients with high-quality and reliable value-added language services based on their complementary language skills and networking resources.


We focus on serving the broad commerce industry, especially sectors of the pan-consumer industry including Food & Beverage, Daily Commodities, Clothing & Apparel, Media, Finance, Tourism, among many other lifestyle areas. Our highly experienced full-time senior translators work with our large number of freelance translators and interpreters who are based in various industries to provide customers with high quality translations and fully satisfying services. In addition, we also have established a network of part-time graphic designers and social media managers to provide cost-effective, flexible and convenient outsourcing services at relatively low operating costs for customers at home and abroad.




Our Service Mission: To act as the client’s friendly and diligent "minions" - outsourcing service team.



Our general work process for text translations is shown below:


1)稿件分析:稿件交由项目经理进行初步分析,确定稿件的专业范围和难易程度;Manuscript Analysis: Project Managers conduct a preliminary analysis on the targeted text to determine its technical scope and difficulty;

2)任务分配:项目经理将翻译稿件分配给合适的翻译员;Task Assignment: Project Managers assign specific translation tasks to the most suitable translators based on their background;

3)创建术语表:在正式翻译前项目经理将摘出专业词汇以创建术语表,翻译人员需根据术语表进行统一翻译;Creating a Glossary: Before the official translation work has begun, Project Managers will select key words and technical terms from the document to create a list of terminology for the translators to ensure the consistency of the translation;

4)正式翻译:为保证高质量的翻译,在翻译过程中,翻译人员遇到难点先做好标记,待全部翻译工作完成之后,再进行专门的难点分析;Official Translation: In order to ensure high quality translations, translators will mark any difficulties encountered during the translation of the text and these difficulties will be re-analyzed, especially after the rest of the translation work is done;

5)难点分析:翻译人员列出难点,团队成员集思广益,确定最精确的翻译结果;Difficulties Analysis: Translators will list any remaining difficulties and discuss them with their Project Manager to determine the most accurate or appropriate translations.

6)稿件校对:稿件交由译审人员通篇校对定稿;Proofreading: Translated documents will be proofread by Senior Translators in order to finalize the translation;

7)格式排版:由指定人员对翻译稿件的格式进行统一排版,尽量确保翻译件与原件格式一致;Layout & Formatting: Another associate will review the layout and formatting of the translated document and attempt to maintain an identical layout as the original; 

8)工作总结:由指定人员对列出术语表和出现的难点进行汇总,保证下次遇到类似稿件时应自如,从而提高翻译效率Work Summary: Designated associates will summarize the text’s glossary and any difficulties faced. Issues will be reviewed to ensure that similar terms can be translated consistently in the future, thus improving the overall efficiency of the translations.



Note: For new clients, we can usually provide an initial free trial of our translation services for any text with a 300-500 wordcount range, or for related samples such as sample drawings and subtitling. For all of our customers, payment for the service is only invoiced after the final translation has been delivered for a task, so there is no risk for customers. Customers may also choose not to pay for unsatisfactory services if they provide legitimate reasons.

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